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Don't do anything online, that you wouldn't do in everyday life!

The majority of buyers and advertisers on have good intentions and are reliable. Unfortunately, just like in the real world, there is also a small group of people who abuse the trust of others. By reading our tips and advice you reduce the chance of a possible disappointment. We strive for a safe web portal for all our dogs lovers. To support this, we have created this
Trade safe help page for our advertisers, and visitors, to be able to act in a safe environment as well as possible.
Advertise with dogs or puppies.
Abuses are still taking place in the dog trade and dog breeding. Imported dogs or dogs from illegal breeders or traders, for example, do not have the correct vaccinations, are not microchipped and registered, maybe too young, are not well socialized, or have been badly treated during their short lives. Also, the origin of the animals is not always clear. Read the website of RSPCA about the illegal dog trade. As soon as there is a suspicion that illegal dogs and/or puppies are advertised, reserves the right to remove this ad. Any costs made will not be refunded.
Report animal abuse is facilitating as an advertising platform. Agreements are made between you, and the advertiser.
Dog lovers and advertisers find each other through, but the agreements are made between you and the advertisers. has no role in the realization of the sale/purchase and mutual agreements. You decide how and with whom you act.

10 recommendations for safe trading.

The advice below can help your online transactions not only to be successful but also to be safe on

1. Know who you are doing business with. Research (google) the user, check the data, and e-mail address.
2. Let your common sense speak: if something seems too good to be true, then that is usually the case.
3. Find out with Action Fraud whether any reports about the seller are known to the police.
4. Do you do business with an advertiser for the first time? then we recommend approaching with caution
5. Request the contact details of the advertiser and contact him or her by telephone.
6. Ask as much as possible for a fixed telephone number of the advertiser to verify an address.
7. Ask the advertisers if there are any uncertainties.
8. Do not proceed with the transaction if you do not receive any unclear information.
9. Win as much information as possible about the seller.
10. Know who you are doing business with. Have you done business with a certain seller more often?

Unexpected money offer from overseas or the UK.
Nigerian scams involve someone overseas offering you a share in a large sum of money or a payment on the condition you help them to transfer money out of their country. While these scams originated in Nigeria, they now come from all over the world.
We recommend not to accept deposits via Western Union, Moneygram, or other anonymous payment services.
- Don't accept cashier cheques from outside your country.
- Be extra alert to buyers and sellers from abroad and who use these (anonymous) payment methods.

Take care of messages with this text (example); SPAM!!
Hello I am Parker Ward from United State Of America. I Want to invest in your country. all I want is an honest and reliable person who can be my partner. please email me on for more details. Best Regards Parker Ward. Don´t answer this type of e-mails, and mark this as SPAM!!

Protect yourself.
If you are in doubt about who is looking for contact with you, do an internet search using the names, contact details or exact wording of the letter/e-mail to check for any references to a scam – many scams can be identified this way. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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Be careful with sharing your bank details.
Do not just transfer money to a seller. Do not enter a bank account number on which a seller can deposit money without first having verified this buyer sufficiently.

Buying a dog comes with quite a change in your life.
A dog is a very loyal and social animal. Raising a dog takes a lot of time and attention. Therefore, think carefully about whether you have the time, opportunity, space, and affection before bringing a dog into your home.

Which dog suits you and your personal circumstances best? This is a question you can ask yourself when looking for a dog. There is a big difference in the type of dog that you buy to guard your house or as a playmate for the children. Are you looking for a dog that the children can play with? Maybe you are looking for a very quiet dog, who will go out with older people in peace and quiet. Will you choose a female or a male?

Do you already have a certain dog in mind? Then think about whether this type of dog will suit the circumstances and the space that you can give the animal. If you live in a house that is built on more than one floor, you should preferably choose a smaller dog. If you have a house with stairs, do not choose a dog with a long body and short legs.

You can choose between a pedigree dog or a crossbreed. The advantage of a crossbreed is that the dog is less prone to defects or hereditary diseases. A cross-breed is also on average less ill and generally gets older compared to a pedigree dog. A cross-breed is also cheaper to buy. With a pedigree dog, you can tell immediately from the breed type what character your dog has. You have extremely playful breeds and very quiet ones.

However, the formation of the (breed) dog's character also relates to puppyhood. It is therefore important to be aware of the circumstances in which the dog was raised as a puppy. The character of a puppy is mainly formed between 4 and 12 weeks of age.

A puppy must be at least 7 weeks old before it can be taken away from its mother. Let the breeder tell you a bit about the puppies' characters. The more he has to say, the better it is. It shows that he is deeply involved with the animals. If the breeder starts asking questions about the circumstances and motives of the buyer, that is also a good sign. A good breeder will never sell his puppies to someone he doesn't trust.


Read carefully our 10 Tips. Or download the PDF whitepaper and print it out.

24 X 7 monitoring of Ads and IP Tracking.
All ads on are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take various measures such as IP tracking and email address verification from the advertiser. Through the IP address, it is possible to find the address where the advertisement is placed. When we assume that you are breaking the rules, this will be reported to the competent authorities and an IP  and email address blockade is the result. These measures help the users of to do business with each other in a safe, successful, and enjoyable way. attaches great importance to protecting the trust of users in a safe environment.

Duplicate Content is a No Go for
Duplicate content fuels a negative user experience and can affect the credibility of a brand. Duplicated Ads are removed afterward. A blockade of the IP / E-mail address can be the result if this is repeated. Click on the Scamwatch logo to read more about Scammers. reserves the right at all times to modify or remove advertisements, block your account if they do not comply with the general terms and conditions and/or rules of conduct.
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